We are working from home! 

Dear business partners !

A corona virus SARS CoV-19 epidemic has been declared in Slovenia. In taking care of our employees and in the spirit of awareness of the importance of prevention for the epidemic, Mikro+Polo Company introduces minor changes in the work process, which primarily means increased work from home.

As a result, our sales team will suspend personal field visits. Any necessary maintenance work by the service team will be undisturbed.

We are still available via email for all you need at podpora@mikro-polo.si via phone number +386 2 614 33 00 as well as via any direct telephone numbers and email addresses of our associates you normally interact with. Of course, we can also be reached on our landlines, but call forwarding due to working from home could be a bit difficult. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us via e-mail, which will be easier to forward to the responsible person, to respond to your message as quickly as possible.

Stay healthy! Yours and our health come first.

The Workplace and Development Award


Welcome to the world of laboratories

At MIKRO+POLO, we have been following and realising our mission of solving every problem our customer might encounter in the experimental environment of their laboratory for almost 30 years now.

We have more than 100 employees who make sure that the link between more than 4000 buyers on the one hand and 300 suppliers on the other hand is a successful one. A high level of professional competence is achieved by employing 25 sales agents, each of them having a university degree in various fields: chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, health care, pharmacy, etc., who make over 9000 sales visits per year. Our product line contains more than 500,000 products; most of them are represented and made available in the first Slovenian online application (market.mikro-polo.si).

We take particular pride in our own brand of laboratory furniture LAB INTERIOR with which we have equipped 1000 laboratories in Slovenia and other countries around the globe.

Our motto »Your partner in the laboratory« really applies here! Come and try us out!

Would you like to order products online?

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In the online application, we present nearly 500,000 products. Ordering products for your laboratory has never been so quick and easy.
Moreover: we provide 3% discount on all online purchases!
We are pleased to help you and answer all your questions. Please, contact us through e-mail address: podpora@mikro-polo.si.