Mikro+Polo is a family company founded by Vojko Podgornik in 1990 in Maribor. During this twenty-year period, we have grown into the largest Slovenian supplier of laboratory accessories, equipment, chemicals, and diagnostics.


The company was created from two successful firms:

  • Mikro - a manufacturer of processing and pool equipment,
  • Polo - a manufacturer of laboratory equipment.

We continued by manufacturing laboratory equipment, which we successfully marketed in the territory of former Yugoslavia, and expanded our business by importing laboratory accessories and apparatuses. In 1991, we began selling laboratory chemicals, and in the following year added diagnostic tools for microbiological and biochemical laboratories in the healthcare field. Over the years of the company's operation, we have developed our own programme of laboratory and processing equipment, accessories and chemicals for development, research, and diagnostic laboratories, apparatus manufacturing, design and execution of laboratory construction works, laboratory furniture manufacturing, and full servicing and validation of apparatuses and equipment sold.

We are the only company in this industry that has been issuing their own catalogue in the Slovene language since 1996.


Company milestones

  • 1982 - Beginning of coil production.
  • 1983 - The first workshop for coil winding and transformer production.
  • 1986 - Beginning of the production of laboratory instruments and devices.
  • 1989 - Move to our first own premises.
  • 1989 - Registration of the MIKRO+POLO Company.
  • 1990 - Beginning the sale of laboratory equipment and instruments.
  • 1991 - Introduction of chemicals into the product portfolio.
  • 1992 - Completing the product portfolio with diagnostic devices and reagents.
  • 1992 - Beginning cooperation with pharmaceutical companies Krka and Lek.
  • 1996 - Drafting our first catalogue of laboratory instruments, equipment and chemicals.
  • 1998 - Beginning consulting on and furnishing of laboratories.
  • 1999 - Acquisition of ISO 9001 certificate.
  • 2005 - Moving to new business premises.
  • 2006 - Accreditation of own calibration laboratory.
  • 2007 - Acquisition of Family Friendly Company partial certification.
  • 2008 - Implementation of new SAP information system.
  • 2008 - Expansion of business to the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 2009 - Acquisition of AOE status.
  • 2009 - Shortening of chemicals delivery time to 48 hours.
  • 2010 - Acquisition of Family Friendly Company full certification.
  • 2011 - Ownership transformation (company ownership remained in family members).
  • 2011 - Eco-conscious company - paperless business.
  • 2011 - The beginning of online sales through Market.
  • 2012 - The first pan-Slovenian cleaning action Clean Slovenia - clean laboratories.
  • 2013 - Edition of the first interactive Catalogue of products for laboratories.
  • 2013 - SAP information system CRM upgrade
  • 2014 - Registration of the LAB INTERIOR Company.
  • 2015 - Independent participation on the ACHEMA Fair.
  • 2015 - The issuing of our calendar.
  • 2016 - Filming of our company’s first corporate video.
  • 2017 - The establishment of our production of laboratory furniture.
  • 2017 - The receipt of the 2016 Podravje Region Company Award selected by the readers of the newspaper Večer.
  • 2018 - The acquisition of the LGBT-Friendly Business Certification
  • 2018 - Implementation of the ASI project - Comprehensive support to enterprises for active aging of employees.
  • 2018 - Cooperation in the UNICEF Global Campaign #KidsTakeOver.

Sales growth

Number of employees

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