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We have become an exclusive distributor for the FEI

FEI is a leading global manufacturer in the field of electronic microscopy, featuring scanning electron microscopes (SEM), transmission electron microscopes (TEM), DualBeam™ technology devices, and focused ion beam (FIB) instruments.

Their solutions are of great importance for researchers around the globe who use them for substance studies at nano- and sub-Angstrom level. Nanotechnology is the science of discovering, characterization, analysis, and manufacture of materials smaller than 100 nanometres (nm is one billionth of a metre or one millionth of a micrometre). They are responsible for the most powerful, commercially-available highest-resolution microscope the, Titan™ 60-300 S/TEM, which further expands the possibilities for imaging and analysing on atomic level, and for the first extreme high-resolution (XHR) scanning electron microscope, the Magellan™.

The company was founded in 1973 and currently employs 1800 people around the globe.

FEI manufactures complete microscope solutions. Their fields of applications can be divided into four major segments:

RESEARCH – includes a broad range of institutes, universities, and national laboratories conducting nanoscale research for a wide variety of applications including 3D nano-characterization, in situ nanoprocesses, and 3D nanoprototyping.

NATURAL RESOURCES – serving the micro-analysis needs of natural resources companies focused on mining, oil and gas exploration, and geosciences.

ELECTRONICS – semiconductors, data storage and related fields, 3D metrology, failure analysis etc.

LIFE SCIENCES – includes institutes, universities, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals working in life sciences research and development in the areas of structural biology, cellular biology, tissue biology, and biomaterials.

Photos made with FEI microscopes:

Cvetni prah lilije                                                         Pregoreta volfamova žička avtomobilske žarnice  

Zlato na atomskem nivoju                                        Hidrotermalni črv

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