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Analytica fair


The eagerly anticipated Analytica international fair once again opened its doors in May and, judging by everything we saw, we can say that the fair exceeded all expectations this time.

There were 1,244 exhibiting companies from 40 countries, over 150 lectures given and over 35,000 visitors mingling together, and as many as 99 % of them rated the quality of the fair as excellent. Judging by everything we saw, we agree with them.

The fair mainly focuses on the field of laboratory technology and future-oriented biotechnology. The exhibitor themes were divided into three fundamental fields:
  • Quality analysis and control,
  • Biotechnology, biosciences and diagnostics,
  • Laboratory technology.

Since our company is active in all those fields, the fair is exceptionally significant for our sales representatives. For this reason, it was attended by as many as 14 of our employees, who held over 80 meetings with our strategic partners.

Organising visits requires good time optimisation and is carried out some months ahead of an event, primarily to ensure that, in four days, you can actually learn and acquire as much information as possible and visit as many partners as possible. We saw live demonstrations of individual devices and their advantages. We dealt with many challenges that buyers contend with, coordinating time slots for potential visits by our partners to our buyers in Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and gaining large amounts of new information.

An event like this is a unique opportunity to find news in one place, get a quick overview of development in the global market and maintain active personal contact with your partners.

We will definitely get together again at the next Analytica – in Munich on April 10-13, 2018.




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