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Man can even make a laboratory look nice.


We started the preparations several months ahead of the fair itself. Equipping an exhibition space and setting up exhibits is always a difficult task. All must be planned carefully as there is no second try. That is why, once again, we left nothing to chance, setting up the exhibition space at our corporate offices ahead of time. Despite the fact that our exhibition space was smaller than at last year's Achema fair, with a little ingenuity and by making new exhibits, we managed to display just everything that we wanted.

If the fair grounds were still teeming with workers on Monday and it all looked like a large construction site, everything was set up and clean on Tuesday morning. People in working clothes who carried tools gave way to people in suits who carried briefcases. We were more than satisfied with the tour of our booth and the guests' response.

Of course, the visitors were once again jostling for our bags and many people told us that the bags painted Analytica completely green. Other exhibitors were green, too – but mostly with envy – as they looked at our three girls who had different outfits every day.

We are pleased that at the Analytica fair – held in high esteem by professionals – we marked out our territory very successfully with the LAB INTERIOR brand, placing ourselves on the global map.

After having a look at our furniture, a visitor walking by told his colleagues the following: "Man can even make a laboratory look nice." With that, he said it all.

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