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Western Blot Workshop in Sarajevo


There has been increased interest in Western Blot technique for detecting proteins in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Since this technique is still relatively unknown we decided to work together with International University of Sarajevo and organized a Western Blot Workshop.

The workshop was held on September the 31st in the laboratory of the University IUS, under the mentorship of professor doc. dr. Mirza Suljagić in Sarajevo. The aim of the workshop was to introduce Western Blot technique and learn how to make your own protocols. Mikro+polo donated Sigma Aldrich’s chemicals.

Our customers from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina responded to the invitation and  were very enthusiastic. They gained lots of theoretical and practical knowledge. They were also sharing their experiences. At the end of the workshop, the participants received certificates. We got a chance to present ‘Equip your lab’ sales program. 

Due to the very positive response and praise from the participants we were determined to continue to organize similar workshops.

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