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What has happened with chemicals?


The chemicals market has changed radically as of 1 January 2017!

In 2015, the European chemical manufacturer Merck acquired the largest US producer of chemicals - Sigma Aldrich. Merck decided on the acquisition mainly due to excellent services provided by Sigma Aldrich to its customers. In order to prevent a monopoly on the European market, the European Commission ordered that, prior to the merger of Merck and Sigma-Aldrich, the latter should sell the brands of Fluka and Riedel-de Häen.

From its product portfolio of over 360,000 products, the Sigma Aldrich Company sold approx. 10,000 products of the said brands, i.e. from the group of inorganic salts, standard acids and bases, buffers, Hydranals - KF titration reagents, and solvents. The Honeywell Corporation decided to purchase these products.

Consequently, Merck offers today under its roof the chemicals brands of Aldrich, Merck, Sigma, and Supelco, while Honeywell provides the brands of Burdick & Jackson, Fluka, Honeywell, and Riedel-de Häen.

The MIKRO+POLO Company remains the largest provider of chemicals in Slovenia!

We are going to complete our sales range of 350,000 chemicals by 20,000 Merck’s chemicals, becoming thus an agent for all brands of chemicals; and we have acquired also exclusive sales rights for 10,000 chemicals of Fluka and Riedel-de Häen brands owned by the Honeywell Corporation.

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