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10 Years of Mikro+Polo in Bosnia and Herzegovina


This year, our subsidiary in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated its 10th anniversary. On the Bosnian-Herzegovinian market, we had been present through our partner Semikem already 15 years ago, but ten years ago we decided that it was time to shake the market more thoroughly.

Today 7 employees supply 800 customers on 80 m2. In the field of chemicals, we have become the most important supplier in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we have an increasingly strong position in the field of laboratory appliances and diagnostics. We are very pleased with this success and proud of our team: Alen Ćosić, Amina Karić, Arijan Suljagić, Hajrudin Čok, Ivan Klarić Došlić, Mirela Vučić, and Zerina Bešić who all successfully represent the colors of Mikro+Polo under the leadership of Miha Završnik.

On the occasion of the round jubilee, we have prepared an evening of relaxed socializing with music, stand-up performances for our customers, of course, with food and drinks, in the pleasant traditional ambiance of the Small Museum on the Miljacka River. Sarajevo is still magical; it has spoiled us with sunny weather and pleasant temperatures. Čevapčiči and baklava in Baščaršija are still tasty.

The photos below present some moments of the meeting.

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