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Mikro+Polo employees on a trip around Istria


On Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 15th September, we ordered an Indian summer and headed towards the Croatian Istria. After a few logistical problems (we almost forgot two colleagues in Dramlje), we made our first stop in Pula. After a short sight-seeing tour we enjoyed our first seaside lunch. In the afternoon, we headed to Rabac where we checked into our hotel and went for our first swim. We occupied a pretty bay on the beach, and our playful nature and laughter attracted the attention of many passersby. We could describe this as laughter therapy. Dinner was followed by the evening program when we occupied another bay and got together for laughter, singing and, of course, some liquid food. Accidental strollers probably thought our group was on a graduation tour ... a graduation for adult evening school perhaps?

The next morning, we headed to Fažana and Brijuni national park, to Veli Brijun island to be more exact. For many of us this was the first time visiting this island. We toured the island with the island train and admired its golf course, safari park and government buildings. We also visited a photographic exhibition about Marshal Tito that opened in 1984, which provided an insight in the events between 1950 and 1984. A part of the exhibition is dedicated to Brijuni’s previous owner, Paul Kupelwieser, who, with the help of Dr. Koch, helped eradicate malaria on the islands, and thus laid the foundations for their development after the Second World War. One of the most valuable exhibits in this part of the exhibition was Dr. Koch’s original microscope that we, providers of laboratory equipment, found very interesting.

We also saw Tito’s Cadillac that was driven a mere 35.000 km in 45 years and can be rented for 700 EUR for half an hour. We were also impressed by the Mediterranean garden, and even more so by the 61-year old parrot called Koki who outlived his owner and is still very sociable and chatty. Our Ružica had a fun conversation with him which we all enjoyed.

We had our last swim in the afternoon, and then we headed back home in a joyful mood. 





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