Research or routine, material or life science, in-vitro diagnostic or environmental, industry or academyc – whatever the activity of the laboratory might be, Mikro+Polo is the right address for all your needs.


Advanced Analytical |

  • Capillary electrophoresis instruments to cover the full spectrum of DNA, gDNA and RNA quality control:
    • Fragment Analyzer.
    • Femto Pulse.
    • ZAG Analyzer.

Allentown |

  • Rodent cages and equipment with positive/negative pressure ventilation, or static cages.
  • Cages and equipment for larger animals (primates, rabbits, polecats, guinea pigs, dogs and poultry).
  • Ventilation units and systems including software and wireless control systems.
  • HEPA-filtered litter removal, replacement and dispensing work stations.

Alltest |

  • Rapid professional tests:
    • On drugs in urine and saliva (individual, multi-drug tests); offering classical test strips and test devices.
    • For fertility and pregnancy (hCG, LH, FSH, iGFBP-1, TOXO etc.).
    • For infectious diseases (H. pylori, HIV, strep A, strep B, RSV, influenza, adeno/rota, syphilis, malaria, mononucleosis, chlamydi, etc.).
    • For tumor markers (FOB, AFP, PSA, etc.).
    • For cardiac markers (CRP, Prokalcitonin, D-dimer, Troponin, etc.).

Alpha-Tec Systems |

  • Mycobacteriology: neutralisation reagents, decontamination reagents, dyes.
  • Parasitology: transport vials (with and without fixative), concentration system, concentration reagents, fixatives and dyes.
  • Bacteriology: transport medium for enteric bacteria.
  • Mycology.
  • Mycobacteria, parasites and Gram staining quality control slides.

Analytik Jena |

  • Atomic absorption spectrometers (AAS).
  • Optical emission spectrometers (ICP OES).
  • Mass spectrometers (ICP MS).
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometers.
  • AOX/TOX/EOX analyzers.
  • TOC/TNb analyzers.
  • Elemental analyzers C/N/S/Cl.
  • Antioxidative capacity analyzer (PHOTOCHEM).
  • Mercury analyzers (MERCUR).

Arno Amarell |

  • Thermometers for temperature, density and moisture measuring (laboratories, industry, environment, food).
  • Glass and electronic thermometers, thermohygrometers, digital timers.

Behnk Elektronik |

  • Fully-automated coagulation analyzers:
  • Semi-automated coagulation analyzers:

BioFire Diagnostics |

  • Fast, easy to use and automatic panel tests:
    • The FilmArray Blood Culture Identification (BCID) panel.
    • The FilmArray Respiratory panel (RP).
    • The FilmArray Gastrointestinal (GI) panel.
    • The FilmArray Meningitis/Encephalitis (ME) panel.

Bel Art |

  • Plasticware: beakers, jugs, bottles, measuring cylinders, various stands, holders, small consumables.
  • Centrifuge tube handling products: cooling vessels, stands, opening accessories.
  • Desiccators: round, and storage cabinets.
  • Sampling products: sterile spades, spoons, spatulas.
  • Waste handling products: bins, boxes, bags, etc.
  • Eye washes.
  • Magnetic stir bars.

Berghof |

  • Sample preparation equipment:
    • Microwave digestion systems.
    • High- an low- pressure reactors.
    • Capillary and bonded water content analyzers (H₂O).

Binder |

  • B, BD, BF, KB, KT - incubators/cooled incubators.
  • C, CB - CO2-incubators with patented design ANTI.PLENUM.
  • E, ED, FD, FED - heating ovens.
  • FDL, MDL - safety drying ovens.
  • FP, M - test chambers for various materials.
  • KBF, KBF P, KBF LQC, KMF - climate chambers.
  • KBW, KBWF - climate chambers with illumination.
  • MK, MKF, MKT - environmental simulation chambers.
  • VD, VDL - vacuum drying ovens.
  • UF V - ultra low temperature freezers for freezing down to - 86 °C.

Bioanalyse |

  • Discs and MIC strips for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing.

BioMérieux |

  • Laboratory diagnostics of infectious diseases.
  • Molecular biology.
  • Immunological methods for laboratory diagnostics of infectious and cardiovascular diseases, anaemia, allergies, tumor markers, thyroid diseases, and haemostasis and fertility disturbances.
  • Rapid tests for laboratory diagnostics of infectious diseases, pregnancy tests, tumor markers, and markers of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reagents, controls and calibrators for clinical chemistry investigation.
  • Food and pharmaceutical microbiology.

Bionavis |

  • Instruments for analysis of biomolecular interactions with Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmone Resonance (MP-SPR) for aplications in life science and material science:
    • measurement of kinetics and affinity between biomolecules,
    • specifitiy and sensitivity measurements,
    • concentration analysis,
    • termodynamics of molecular interactions,
    • interactions between different biomaterials,
    • measurements of material thickness
    • measurements of interactions and confirmation changes under different electric potential, pH and temperature.

Bionote |

  • Veterinary and »in-vitro« diagnostics for farm animals.
  • A wide range of products for farmed animals:
    • poultry: rapid tests, ELISA tests and PCR tests,
    • pigs: rapid tests, ELISA tests in PCR tests,
    • cattle: rapid tests in ELISA tests.

Borer |

  • Deconex professional cleaning products and accessories, used for manual and machine cleaning of laboratory glassware.
  • Deconex professional cleaning products for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, suitable for cleaning of production lines, counters, walls and other surfaces according to GMP guidelines.
  • Advice and troubleshooting solutions in cleaning industry.
  • Provision of complete solutions: determination of cleaning process, its transfer to the production and testing for cleaning agent traces/residues in line with GMP guidelines (cleaning validation).
  • Product for professional use in preservation and maintenance of production equipment made of stainless steel.

Bruker |

  • Bruker microCT:
    • Wide range of high-end microtomography instruments for life science, material research and »in-vivo« preclinical studies.
  • Bruker Nano Analytics:
    • Micro XRF - XRF micro analysers,
    • EDS, WDS, microXRF and EBSD electron microscope detectors,
    • MicroCT for SEM - micro tomography for scanning electron microscopes.

Bruker Preclinical |

  • Apparatus for »in-vivo« preclinical studies of laboratory animals.
  • MR imaging.
  • Optical/X-ray imaging.
  • Albira: PET/SPECT/CT.
  • X-ray micro CT.
  • Magnetic particle imaging MPI.

Bürkle |

  • Manual, battery, and electric pumps for containers and barrels.
  • Adapters and valves for pumps.
  • Liquid filling/dosing devices.
  • Solid substance and liquids samplers.
  • Sterile sampling accessories and bags.
  • Various plastic bottles, balloons, trays, and plastic bowls.
  • Aluminium bottles and containers made of stainless material.
  • Laboratory plasticware (funnels, jugs, etc.).
  • Tubing, couplings, and connectors.

Caelo |

  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.
  • Medicinal herbs.
  • Oils and cream bases for pharmaceutical compounding and cosmetics.
  • Extracts, tinctures and essential oils.

Cell Signaling Technology |

  • XP - monoclonal, primary, secondary and conjugated antibodies.
  • Western blot and »imaging« kits (HCA, IF, pluripotency, intracellular and IHC kits).
  • Simple ChIP chromatin IP kits.
  • Sandwich ELISA kits (PathScan, SignalKine).
  • Cytokine and growth factors.
  • Cell analysis kits (proliferation, viability, enzyme and kinase activity).
  • SignalSilence siRNA (human and mouse targets).

Certoclav |

  • Universal table top autoclaves for the use in microbiology, biochemistry, medicine, pharmacy, education, and in food industry.

Chiron |

  • Reference materials for environmental analysis/control.
  • Reference materials for food safety analysis/control and hygenics.
  • Reference materials for petroleum analysis/control.
  • Reference materials for pharmacy analysis/control and impurities in pharmaceutical products.
  • Reference materials for toxicology/psychoactive substanbces.
  • Customized solutions according to customer specifications.

Copan Italia |

  • Copan provides a wide variety of innovative solutions (patented flocked swab) for taking and transport of various sample types:
    • Bacteriology: classical swabs and swab-transport media,
    • ESWAB and UTM virology for transport of viruses, also suitable for molecular diagnostics,
    • Industry: sample taking systems in pharmaceutical and food industries (HACCAP), and in other industrial applications,
    • Forensic swabs,
    • Pasteur pipettes: graduated, sterile, extra long pipettes, etc.,
    • Calibrated and sterile bacteriological loops.

Delcon |

  • Medical devices which assist operators at blood banks throughout the entire process of extraction, processing, separation, and storage of blood bags:
    • Extractors: GIOTTO automatic blood components separator.
    • Mixers: Hemomix 3, Hemotek 2.
    • Sealers: Hemoweld Gun 2, Hemoweld-B, Hemoveld-T, Hemoweld-MC.
    • Stainers: AEROSPRAY 7152.

Denka Seiken |

  • Bacteriology: serotyping serums, bacterial toxin detection sets, agglutination tests.
  • Virology: serums, antigens, enzyme-immunoassays.

Diachrom Biotechnology |

  • Wide range of Bioreactors and Fermenters for research, development and production applicable to fermentation, cell culture, renewable technologies and related applications:
    • Avtoclavable Bioreactors.
    • In situ sterilizable bioreactors.
    • Photo Bioreactors.

Diagast |

  • Automated immunohaematology system with EMR-technology (red blood cell magnetisation).
  • Antibodies for manual and microtiter ABO-D typing.
  • Antibodies for RH-Kell phenotyping.
  • Other monoclone and polyclone antibodies and rare serums.
  • Enzymes, buffers, antiglobulins and control serums.
  • Pre-transfusion (bedside) tests.
  • Syphilis test and control serum.

Eijkelkamp |

  • Research and analysis equipment:
    • Soils: large variety of sampling drills, pF-determination, sieves, determining the aggregate stability, calcimeters, pycnometers, monitoring systems for soil moisture;
    • Ground water: manual and on-line loggers of water level, temperature, conductivity, offering telemetry data transfer;
    • Surface water: water flow meters;
    • Sludge and slurry: tank sampler, deep core samplers, liquid layer samplers;
    • Meteorological research: anemometers, rain gauges, hygrographs, evaporation meters, sunshine recorders;
    • Weather stations.

Elma |

  • Ultrasonic cleaning products:
    • From the smallest tabletop spectacles cleaning units to special devices aimed at cleaning computer chips in the production process;
    • Cleaning media for the use in ultrasonic units;
    • A wide variety of special devices for watchmakers and goldsmiths.

Exakt |

  • Three roll mills. Provide a pioneering technology for dispersing, which is indispensable today in a wide range of application fields in the laboratory as well as in research and production.
  • Ointment mills. Homogeneous particle size distribution and concentration – with which the active ingredients are dissolved in the ointment base – determine the effectiveness of suspension or emulsion ointments.
  • Thin section cutting technology. Material thicknesses down to 100 µm can be achieved without destroying the composition, the surface and the structure.

Farmalabor |

  • Pharmaceutical active ingredients and excipients.
  • Oils and cream bases for pharmaceutical compounding and cosmetics.
  • Extracts, tinctures and essential oils.
  • Raw materials for nutritional supplements and foods.

Gonotec |

  • Analysers are intended both for clinical diagnostic (CE IVD certificate) and for other research in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, polymer, and biochemical laboratories.
  • Cryoscopy osmometers for determining the overall osmolarity in aqueous solutions, and the molecular mass of benzene solutions.
  • Colloid osmometer for colloidal osmotic pressure determination.
  • Chloride meter for exact determination of the chloride ion concentration.
  • Vapour pressure osmometer for molecular mass determination in organic and water solutions.
  • Membrane osmometer for molecular mass determination (10 to 2000 KDa) in organic and water solutions.

Grimm |

  • Dust particle monitors.
  • Nano particle monitors.
  • Filter efficiency measuring systems.

Hart Biologicals |

  • »In-vitro« diagnostic products for use in the detection, prevention, and monitoring of a number of medical conditions related to haemostasis and platelet function.
  • Reagents for routine, capillary, aggregation and controls.
  • Instruments for platelet aggregation, mechanical coagulation analysers and fully automated coagulation analysers.

Hecht |

  • Measuring and non-measuring laboratory glassware.
  • Medicine accessories.
  • Microscopy accessories.
  • Areometers.
  • Thermometers.

Hettich |

  • Centrifuges: manually operated, benchtop, floorstanding, refrigerated.
  • Centrifuges for specific applications.
  • Consumables and accessories for centrifugation.
  • HettCube incubators and cooled incubators.

Hitachi High-Technologies |


Honeywell |

  • Brands of chemicals for all kinds of applications: Burdick&Jackson, Fluka, Honeywell, Riedel-de Haën.

Horiba |

  • Dust emission and imission monitors.
  • Static and mobile units.


  • Universal, automated immunohaematology systems (gel cards, microtiter plates, test tubes).
  • Microtiter plate, gel card and strip reader.
  • Automated dispenser systems and dilution systems.
  • Plasma pooling systems.
  • Dermagraphic tester.

Infratest |

  • Asphalt analysis and research equipment.
  • Cement and concrete testing equipment.
  • Building component and aggregate testing equipment.
  • Equipment for mechanical treatment of asphalt, cement, concrete and aggregate samples.
  • Other laboratory equipment for the construction industry.

Interscience |

  • Solutions for:
    • Sample preparation using the BagSystem: sterile bags for blenders with or without filters, gravimetric dilutors, blenders, peristaltic pumps, etc.;
    • Enumeration methods: Spiralplater, Colonycount, etc.;
    • Wide range of laboratory consumables: autoclave deodorants, bag closing clips, disinfectants etc.

Isolab |

  • Laboratory glassware.
  • Laboratory accessories.
  • Plastic bottles, plastic petri dishes, plastic stands, etc.
  • Diagnostics laboratory accessories.

Kern |

  • Balances:
    • Basic and School,
    • Laboratory (Precision and Analytical),
    • Industrial,
    • Medicine,
    • Test weights etc.
  • Hygrometers.

Kimberley-Clark |

  • Personal protective equipment: nitrile and latex gloves, masks, protective apparel, absorptive laboratory mats.
  • Sensitive surface and lens cleaning tissues for professional use.
  • Personal protective equipment and accessories for sterile and clean rooms: sterile overalls, foot rags, headgear and masks, sterile gloves (nitrile and latex), dust-free wipers.

Kirsch |

  • Refrigerators and freezers for medical products, according to DIN 58345 standard.
  • Refrigerators and freezers for chemicals and samples.
  • Refrigerators for blood bags, according to DIN 58371 standard.
  • Plasma freezers according to DIN 58375 standard.
  • Multi-purpose refrigerators.


  • Pumps and systems for gases and liquids:
    • Rotary evaporators,
    • Diaphragm gas pumps and compressors,
    • Systems with vacuum pumps,
    • Diaphragm liquid pumps (for transmission or dosing).

Knittel |

  • Microscope slides and coverglass.
  • »StarFrost« microscope slides.
  • »StarFrost« hydrophilic microscope slides.
  • »StarFrost« adhesive slides (silane-coating, polycat), especially suitable for use in immunohistochemistry.
  • Diagnostic microscope slides in different colors with a hydrophobic epoxy or PTFE coating to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Microscope slides for cytology, suitable for use in cyto-centrifuges.
  • Microscope slides with wells.
  • Coverglass for automatic covering.
  • Counting chambers.

Kugel Medizintechnik |

  • Pathology, histology and anatomy equipment and accessories.
  • Autopsy tables.
  • Dissection tables.
  • Refrigeration units.
  • Transport trolleys.
  • Cabinets for preparations.
  • Dissection instruments and other dissection accessories.

Labsystems Diagnostics |

  • POC rapid tests for emergency and cardiac markers for qualitative results.
  • POC rapid tests for quantitative results: Troponin I serum/plasma/WB, MYO serum/plasma/WB, hsCRP WB, CRP, MPO WB.
  • POC rapid tests for gastrointestinal diagnosis: Celiac tests, Helicobacter Pylori tests.
  • ELISA and MIFA tests for diagnostics of infectious diseases: Chlamydia pneumoniae, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Bordetella pertussis, Toxoplasma gondii.

Laoken |

  • Products for sterilization and disinfection.
  • Medical desktop autoclaves - Class B.
  • Plasma sterilizers, sterilization of heat-sensitive instruments with H₂O₂.
  • Thermodisinfectors for all types of instruments, anesthetic utensils, rigid endoscopes, thermolabile materials and glassware.
  • Thermodisinfectors for chamber pots, urine containers and other departmental accessories.
  • Plasma air sterilizers (wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, freestanding and mobile unit).
  • Automatic distribution of tablets and packaging system.

Leica Biosystems |

  • Light microscopy sample preparation equipment: instrumentation for histology, cytology, pathology, and industrial applications.
  • Histology, cytology, pathology consumables.
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) consumables, reagents and equipment: instruments, antibodies, detection reagents and other IHC reagents.
  • Light microscopes for clinical and research activities.
  • Histology digital microscope.
  • Digital cameras.
  • Slide archiving systems.
  • Stereotaxy equipment and accessories.

Leica Microsystems |

  • Electron microscopy sample preparation equipment: electron microscopy sample preparation apparatuses and electron microscopy disposable material.
  • Light microscopes (microscopes, stereo microscopes, confocal systems, surgical microscopes, special application microscopes), digital cameras and slide archiving devices.

Macherey-Nagel |

  • Filter papers.
  • Simple tests: test strips for semi-quantitative determination of numerous parameters.
  • Visocolor product range: reliable, safe and simple analyses of water and soil by colorimetric principle (packages for water and soil analysis).
  • Nanocolor product range: photometers and spectrophotometers (VIS and UV/VIS), chlorine meters, rapid cuvette tests, heating blocks.
  • Microbiology research: luminometers.
  • Chromatography: standards, columns, vials and caps.
  • Semi-automated and automated urine analysers with controls.
  • Urine test strips.

Merck |

  • Brands of chemicals for all kinds of applications: Aldrich, Cerilliant, Merck, Sigma, Supelco, Roche.

MGC Pharma |

  • Phytocannabinoids for medical use.

Nalco |

  • Chemicals for conditioning:
    • Boiler water (steam and heat boilers).
    • Cooling water (close and open systems).
    • Waste water (floculants, coagulants, antifoams).

Neolab |

  • Complete assortment of laboratory products.

New England Biolabs |

  • Cloning and mapping.
  • DNA amplification and PCR.
  • RNA analysis.
  • Protein expression and analysis.
  • Cellular analysis.
  • Epigenetics.
  • Sample preparation for NEXT GEN SEQUENCING.

Nova Biomedical |

  • Clinical blood gas analysers with a wide variety of parameters for central hospital laboratories and POC: pH, PCO₂, PO₂, SO₂ %, PO, Na+, K+, Ca++, Mg++, Cl-, glucose, BUN, creatinine, lactate, Hct, Hb, O₂Hb, Hhb, COHb, MetHb, tBil, TCa, Li+.
  • Bio Profile biotech analysers of numerous cell culture and fermentation process parameters: pHOx, 300, 400, FLEX and CDV for cellular concentration and viability determination.

Plas Labs |

  • Acrylic insulators, anaerobic chambers, drying chambers, chambers to work in a hypoxic environment.
  • PCR chambers.
  • Equipment for work with laboratory animals, particularly rodents: immobilisers, surgical bases …
  • Desiccators.
  • Systems for soil research.

Pro Lab Diagnostics |

  • Microorganism cryopreservation systems.
  • Microbiological diagnostics of infectious diseases.
  • Dyes and orientation tests in microbiology.
  • Microbiological media supplements.
  • Small laboratory equipment: loop steriliser, shakers, hot plates, etc.
  • Laboratory consumables, such as autoclave deodorants.

Quantachrome |

  • Analytical instruments:
    • Particle size distribution (CILAS).
    • Zeta potential and dispersions particle size (DISPERSION TECHNOLOGY).
    • Determination of dispersion stability and micro-rheology (FORMULACTION).
    • Porous materials and powder characterization: porosimetry, density, specific surface (QUANTACHROME).

Ratiolab |

  • Plasticware: pipette tips, serological and Pasteur pipettes, test tubes, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, cuvettes.
  • Cryo temperature products: cryo vials, cardboard and plastic boxes.
  • Products for biological sciences: microtiter plates, PCR tubes, PCR plates.

Restek |

  • GC-, HPLC-, and UHPLC columns.
  • GC- and HPLC consumables and spare parts.
  • Vials, syringes, syringe filters.
  • Preparation of samples for chromatography (SPE, QuEChERS).
  • Air sampling.
  • Reference standards.

Roth |

  • Complete assortment of laboratory products.

Sebia |

  • Devices and reagents for electrophoresic separation of proteins in serum, proteins in urine, high-resolution electrophoresic separation, immunotyping (determination of monoclonal component), electrophoresic separation of Hb, quantitative determination of CDT and HbA1c based on the most recent capillary technology.
  • Devices and reagents for electrophoresic separation of proteins in serums, proteins in urine, high-resolution electrophoresic separation, immunofixation (determination of monoclonal component), electrophoresic separation of Hb, electrophoresic separation of lipoproteins, electrophoresic separation of isoenzymes, and CSF and A1AT tests on agarose gel.

Sero |

  • Controls and calibrators for immunology and clinical chemistry: proteins, tumor markets, trace elements, medical products and diabetes.
  • A wide variety of products with properties important for work: many components in a single control, stability, selected concentrations and levels, liquid and lyophilised products, precision and accuracy controls.

SI Analytics |

  • Titrators.
  • Viscometers.
  • Refractometers.
  • Process Electrodes.

Skalar |

  • A wide variety of flow analysers used in food and pharmaceutical industries, and in environmental and agricultural sectors:
    • Flow analysers,
    • Robotic analysers,
    • On-line analysers.

Sodibox |

  • Sterile sampling accessories are used for health control of farm-bred animals, and process hygiene in food processing plants:
    • Monitoring occurrence of specific microorganisms (Salmonella, etc.),
    • Determining total microorganism load,
    • Determining effectiveness of disinfection and testing the equipment/environment during production,
    • Transport bags intended for professional uses in human and veterinary laboratories.

Stakpure |

  • Water treatment:
    • Pre-filtration.
    • Reverse-osmosis.
    • Ion exchange systems.
    • Resin regeneration.
    • Pure and ultra pure water systems.

Steelco |

  • Laboratory washing machines, thermodisinfectors.
  • Washing machines for animal cages and bottles.
  • Washing machines for dental instruments and accessories.
  • Pharmaceutical washing systems.

Telstar |

  • Laminar air flow systems and ventilation HEPA-filter systems.
  • Clean rooms.
  • Sterile barrier systems and locked systems.
  • Wide variety of lyophilisators for smaller and pilot laboratories.
  • Laboratory vacuum pumps.
  • Cool chain.
  • Wireless temperature control system.
  • Waste processing systems.
  • CIP (cleaning in place) systems.
  • Steam generators and systems.
  • Steam, gas and dry sterilisation equipment.

Thermo Scientific |

  • Water pre-treatment devices.
  • Apparatuses for microtiter plates.
  • KingFisher magnetic particle processor systems for nucleic acid purification workflow.
  • Nunc and Nalgene consumables.
  • Pipettes.
  • Savant vacuum concentrators.
  • OWL vertical and horizontal electrophoresis systems.
  • Cold storage.
  • Small laboratory devices, centrifuges, shakers, incubators, CO₂ incubators.

Toyobo |

  • Fully automated system USCANNER® for urinary sediment analysis.

Trinity Biotec |

  • Reagent sets for:
    • Clinical chemistry,
    • Point of Care (POC),
    • Infectious disease,
    • HbA1c analysis and variant haemoglobins detection,
    • Autoimmune diagnostics (IMMCO): ImmuGlo IFA, ImmuLISA ELISA, ImmuBlot Western Blot.

Velp |

  • Extraction devices.
  • Digestion and distillation Kjeldahl units.
  • Dumas nitrogen/protein analyzers.
  • Fiber analyzers.
  • Oxidation stability reactor.
  • Flocculators.
  • Stirrers.
  • Heating plates.
  • Dispersants.
  • Shakers.

Vilber Lourmat |

  • High sensitivity FUSION chemiluminescence systems for western blots and other samples.
  • Wide variety of gel documentation systems, from simple to very advanced systems.
  • Various UV instruments: transilluminators, UV lamps, crosslinkers, UV radiometers, UV irradiation systems for petri dishes, and UV protective gear.

Vitlab |

  • Burettes, dispensers, pipetting accessories, pipettes.
  • Plasticware: beakers, jugs, Erlenmeyer flasks, flasks, plastic bottles, wash bottles.
  • Plastic desiccators.
  • Products made of PTFE and PFA material.


  • Corrosion Test Chambers.
  • Metal block thermostats.
  • Evaporators.

Witeg |

  • Complete assortment of measuring and non-measuring glassware, glass apparatuses and reactors.
  • Laboratory apparatuses: mixers, dispergators, shakers, water baths, hot plates.


  • Portable, laboratory and on-line measuring instruments for measuring pH/ mV, reduction potential, ion-selective measurements (ISE), dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, turbidity.
  • Apparatues for manometric determination of BOD5, methane and biodegradability.
  • Incubators.
  • Spectrophotometers, heating blocks, rapid cuvette tests.
  • On-line analysers: D.O., pH, TSS, turbidity, phosphates, nitrates, nitrit, COD/TOC/DOC/SAC/BOD, conductivity, sludge level (ultrasonic meters).
  • Portable and stacionary samplers.

YD Diagnostics |

  • Rapid professional ImmunTech tests for pregnancy, infectious diseases, tumor markers and cardiac markers.
  • Semi-automated and automated urine analysers for laboratories of all sizes.
  • Urine test strips; 12 strip types.
  • Urine controls.
  • PCR based Molecular diagnostics system, real-time PCR, PCR-RFLP and REBA, with molecular diagnostics MTB, NTB and HPV sets.

Zirbus |

  • Laboratory table top autoclaves/steam sterilisers.
  • Laboratory vertical autoclaves for numerous purposes: in research laboratories, medicine, pharmacy, food industry, etc.
  • Horizontal autoclaves for numerous purposes: in research laboratories, medicine, pharmacy, food industry, etc.
  • Large autoclaves suitable for medicine, production, laboratories, pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • High-pressure autoclaves.
  • Steam generators.
  • Lyophilisators suitable for research, pilot applications and production.

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