Originating from a small workshop where we had started winding coils and manufacturing transformers, we have grown into a renowned Slovenian company. Exceptional ideas of our founder, Mr Vojko Podgornik, have always placed us at a leading position; therefore, our competitors have followed and imitated us. We have been pioneers in the product portfolio, company organisation, and the method of performance on the market. We were the first company providing our own Slovenian catalogue of laboratory equipment, accessories and chemicals, and the first one offering own engineering services combined with laboratory furniture production.

Today, we are the largest Slovenian supplier for laboratories. However, we are still the only one publishing its own catalogue in Slovenian language. Over the years, our engineering department has significantly outgrown the borders of Slovenia and furnishing smaller laboratories.

It is the growth that is a duty of all of us who every day enter MIKRO+POLO. Our personal growth, and the growth of our Company. This is the only way, for our company and for us, each and every individual, to reach a better tomorrow. The easiest way to achieve this growth is daring to be different, to be simple and honest with each other and with our partners. And, of course – to demand the most from ourselves; and not from others. And if on top of all these, we also wisely use our little grey cells, a path to victory is guaranteed.


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