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As we are striving for a high level performance of services and a comprehensive support to our customers, we consider your opinion and satisfaction with our services very important.

We get everything we need for our lab in one place. We are fully satisfied with your offer. I would especially like to emphasize a fair and friendly attitude towards the subscribers.
The Institute of Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection Maribor, testing laboratory
Maja Popović
I have been buying chemicals in your company for more than 10 years. We are very satisfied with the purchasing method, delivery speed, quality of products, availability of different individual features, and very competitive prices.
The University Medical Centre Maribor, Medical Genetics Laboratory
Assist. Prof. Dr. Boris Zagradišnik, MD, Head of Laboratory
Under the preparation and implementation phases, your company demonstrates that you are excellent experts, ready to listen to customer's needs, flexible and capable of finding an optimal solution in any situation. Now, when the laboratory is functional, I can say that we are very satisfied and that, thanks to your company, our laboratory is even better than our initial idea. We got more than expected from the cooperation. You are an exemplary business partner, to be recommended to everybody.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy
prof. dr. Borut Božič, The Dean
I work with your service technicians, and I am very satisfied with them in terms of their professionalism and responsiveness. I am also satisfied with working with the warehouse, where I phone for replacement of resins for water treatment. I wish you could provide even more service technicians, because they are very busy, and sometimes we have to wait, although they do their best to carry out repairs as soon as possible.
Institute of Public Health Maribor
Jasna Hansel Lubej
In Mons Hotel, you have prepared a very good presentation of e-commerce, for which thanks go to the whole Mikro+Polo Company. I have to compliment on your attitude to customers, because you are always ready to answer questions asked. You are an excellent team, and I hope that you will keep such a course. I wish a great business success to the whole team.
University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty Institute of Pathology, Forensic and Administrative Veterinary Medicine
Jurij Omahen
I am very pleased with the current cooperation with your company. You have very skilful staff that is highly responsive and professional. Your products meet all my expectations.
Pivka Inc., Pivka
Nataša Štefič, Quality Manager
I am very satisfied with your services. You are very responsive, professional and correct. You also have good prices and the materials are packaged in quantities that correspond to our needs. I am also satisfied with your employees who respond quickly and provide technical assistance. Likewise, I get raw materials specifications quickly; namely, while we have trouble with some suppliers, we can always trust you.
AHA Plastik, PE Tehnochem, Ribnica
Mojca Klarič
After initial difficulties following the purchase of the Curatur 601 apparatus, we have repaired the apparatus based on good cooperation with the service centre and the manufacturers in Germany, and it has been working faultless for two years now.
Health Centre Celje
Petra Rosina, Physiotherapist
We were very pleased to work with your company, because you have quick response times, you are flexible and consider our needs.
Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, Institute of Anatomy
Nataša Pollak Kristl
2014 Hygienicum, one of the leading private food laboratories in Austria, built completely new laboratory facilities. We chose your company as a partner in designing and establishing our laboratory. Your performance in designing and construction was outstanding in every respect, in terms of price, competence, service and time schedule. We are grateful for this partnership, which was one of the most important elements in our successful new building history.
Hygienicum, Institut für Mikrobiologie & Hygiene-Consulting GmbH, Graz
Dr. Michael Stelz, CEO
Our cooperation with Mikro+Polo in our field is good. We are very satisfied with your products and sales agents.
General Hospital Celje, Central sterilization
Albina Gabrovšek, Senior Nurse
We are very satisfied with the Mikro+Polo Company. Professional advice often assists us with selecting equipment and with a high-quality performance of our work. Their service centre carries out the work in high-quality manner. We were especially pleased with a fast delivery of Kugel Company's products. Such a level of cooperation can be an example, and we wish to have it also in the future.
Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, Institute of Forensic Medicine
Olga Balažič, ,
We have been working with your company for a long time, and we are very satisfied with your work. Your staff is nice and responsive. I would especially compliment on professionalism of the service staff that always quickly responds to our occasional problems. We hope that we will keep good cooperation also in the future.
Public Utility Company Velenje
Alenka Štramcar, B. Sc. Chem. Tech., Head of Laboratory
We have always had excellent cooperation by now, servicing times were very short, and your service staff was always available by phone for our questions.
The University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Pediatric Clinic
Dušanka Lepej, , MD
We are very satisfied with our cooperation.
Lekarna Soča, Ljubljana
Melita Dolenšek, B.Sc. Pharm., Pharmacy Manager
We are very satisfied with the cooperation that we have had with the Mikro+Polo Company during the recent years of our research work. They have always tried to consider our wishes, and they quickly forwarded our product-related issues to manufacturers. Delivery has always been carried out within the agreed delivery time, which is worth of compliments, in Slovenian circumstances. In our further work, we will keep ordering the products being sold by Mikro+Polo.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Medical Centre for Molecular Biology
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mirjana Liovic
We chose your company based on your long-term experience and recommendations. In particular, we chose you because of your high-level professionalism. Now, when the laboratory is completed, we are sure that we made the right choice, even more so because your ideas and suggestions have made our laboratory better than we imagined. The cooperation with your company has brought us more than we expected.
Atotech Slovenija, Production of Chemical Products, Inc.
dr. Marijana Rebernik, CEO
The sales clerk in the Market application always kindly helps with ordering issues.
General Hospital Slovenj Gradec, pharmacy
I am highly satisfied with the delivered goods from your company. Communication is at a high level, as well as notifications regarding the delivery and all other information.
Maintenance of computer equipment and programs
Domen Žvegler BrE
I am very pleased with a high level professionalism, quick response and availability of your sales agent who provided us with excellent support in purchasing an excellent Leica M205 C stereo-microscope.
Agricultural Institute of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Dr. Jaka Razinger, Researcher
You have been our business partner for many years. Professionalism, quality, quick response, and willingness to help are the features of your team.
Psychiatric hospital Ormož
Jadranka Laura, B.Sc. Lab Biomedicine Engineer, Head of Laboratory
Some time ago, we bought an Elisa plate reader made by Thermo Scientific Company. When making a decision on which apparatus were most suitable for our work, professional staff of your company with their advice was of great help. Even the installation, which was followed by training in apparatus operation was at a high level. However, the greatest satisfaction was that whenever we encountered an issue related to using the apparatus, I could phone your sales agent with whom we have found a solution for every problem so far.
University of Ljubljana, Veterinary Faculty, Institute of Physiology, Pharmacology and Toxicology,
Boštjan Drolc
My experience covers the service centre, the responsiveness of which is good; while we will continue improving troubleshooting, especially the cooperation with service centres for rare apparatuses abroad.
University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases Golnik
Assist. Prof. Dr. Matjaž Fležar, MD, Spec.
We are pleased with your work. Your services are always carried out quickly and on time. We have no comment on quality.
Snaga Ltd., Ljubljana
Lidija Čepon, Msc.
We are extremely satisfied with your service staff – they are professional, speed and up-to-date, but, above all, they are kind. Thank you for everything!
Health Centre Laško
Vesna Ratej, Msc., Head Nurse
Sincerely thanks for your effort, commitment and fruitful collaboration.
Private Physiotherapy Fizikal, Destrnik
Sdki Hussain
We have been working with the Mikro+Polo Company for over 10 years. Their services are professional, of a high quality, their responses extremely quick, and delivery times are short. We, consumers, are very demanding and critical, but representatives of the Mikro+Polo Company are able to consider our wishes and even most strict and demanding criteria. They allow us to test apparatuses and products, find answers to all our questions, and at the end, they deliver the product, present it, and test it before us. They are always willing to help us in problem solving, even with an apparatus no longer under warranty. Just keep this attitude.
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Health Sciences
Suzana Košenina
The laboratory furniture is great! The online store is charming, well-transparent, and offers a lot of options for product search. Your specialist staff is friendly, helpful and always available.
Pečjak Bakery Ltd., Trzin
Mojca Gostečnik,
Personally, I am very satisfied with your collaboration, because you always help me with advice on immunostaining. I hope that we will keep this good cooperation going on.
General Hospital Slovenj Gradec, Department of Pathology
Jerneja Leskovec, B. Sc. Engineer Biochem
We are very satisfied with cooperation with the Mikro+Polo Company.
The Ljubljana University Medical Centre, Department of Pathomorphology and Cytopathology
dr. Snježana Frković Grazio
Mikro+Polo is a reliable company with whom we have been working for several years. I would especially compliment on their sales agents and service technicians.
Faculty of Medicine Ljubljana, Institute of Cell Biology
Sanja Čabraja
Our company is extremely satisfied with your service. In particular, we like your support provided by technicians, because they are very professional and quick in solving our issues.
Favn Ltd. – The healing power of herbs, Grosuplje
Luka Wechtersbach
We are very satisfied with cooperation with the Mikro+Polo Company, which has been going on for a long time, because your work is correct, professional and prompt. Your staff is friendly and very nice, they master and know the products they sell. We are also satisfied with the products we buy, because they are provided at affordable prices on top of being of a high quality.
University Medical Centre Maribor, Central Sterilization Department
Milena Belšak, Graduated Nurse
In nursing, we use a portable ventilator for new-borns. We have had no trouble in using it, and we have been satisfied by now.
General Hospital Murska Sobota
Goran Larnsak, MD
I would compliment on your active dissemination of chemistry, especially among young people. You have significantly contributed to the fact that young people learn chemistry based on understanding. It means a lot to me, as a chemist, that you are so much involved in this area. Thank you!
Tadej Jezernik, Student, the School of Mining and Environmental Protection Velenje

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