Certificates and Awards

Quality certificate

International standard ISO 9001 facilitates the adoption of the process approach for the development, implementation, and improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system in order to increase customer satisfaction by complying with their demands. The quality certificate was acquired in 1999.
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Environmental management system

The ISO 14001:2015 certificate confirms compliance with environmental standards, environmental responsibility, more efficient use of resources and reduction of waste. It also makes a great contribution to gaining competitive advantage and the trust of business partners.

Occupational health and safety management system

The ISO 45001:2018 certificate confirms the management of safety risks, the improvement of safety culture and the increase of operational efficiency, the increase of control over hazards and the reduction of risks, the improved public image in relation to safety and health at work, the reduction of insurance premiums and involvement in the strategy of sustainable development and demonstrated commitment to protect employees, property and the company.

The Platinum Certificate of Excellence

The Platinum Certificate of Excellence is an assessment by which credit rating agencies assess a company's creditworthiness over a long period of time on the basis of various criteria. A company that demonstrates platinum excellence is the most reliable, credible and low-risk business entity to work with all business partners. The Platinum Certificate of Excellence rating is carried out exclusively by companies that have the highest rating of excellence - The Golden AAA - for three years in a row.

Family friendly enterprise certificate

To acquire it was necessary to adopt at least three measures that facilitate balancing family and business life. Since we strive to implement these measures in practice, the Company has decided to adopt additional eighteen criteria. The most important of them include a child time bonus, a flexible daily break, the open day, and children in the company. We were awarded the Family Friendly Enterprise certificate in 2007. We were among the first 18 Slovenian companies to receive the full Family Friendly Enterprise certificate in 2010.

Accreditation certificate according to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

This certificate validates that our calibration laboratory is in compliance with the requirements of the standard SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.

Certificate of Financial Reliability

The holder of the Certificate of Financial Reliability is an economic entity whose business activity and financial position, in accordance with the professional criteria for awarding the Certificate, indicate above-average performance and financial reliability both in the Slovenian economy and abroad. Holders of the Certificate of Financial Reliability belong to 7.32% of the most financially reliable economic entities in Slovenia.

European standard EN 14727

This certificate validates that Lab Interior laboratory furniture achieves the inherent quality and reliability, and demonstrates that our products fully satisfy strict requirements of EU consumers.

European standard EN 13150

This certificate validates that Lab Interior laboratory worktops achieve the inherent quality and reliability, and demonstrates that our products fully satisfy strict requirements of EU consumers.

European standard EN 14175

This certificate validates that Lab Interior fume hoods achieves the inherent quality and reliability, and demonstrates that our products fully satisfy strict requirements of EU consumers.

LGBT-Friendly Certification

We are committed to ensure a better understanding of the fundamental human rights of LGBT people, an inclusive environment for LGBT co-workers, to raise the employees' awareness of the provision of offers and services for LGBT users, and to increase the sensitivity of detecting violations of LGBT rights in the working and user environment.

Diversity Charters

By signing, we are committed to developing an organizational culture based on equal opportunities, mutual respect, acceptance, and involvement of diverse employees; creating a diverse and inclusive work environment; respecting and disseminating the principle of diversity at all levels of the organization: commitment and responsibility, communication (inside and out), role model/example: recognizing customer diversity; formulating diversity policy; disseminating and communicating our commitment to the Charter and the results of diversity policy to all our stakeholders.

European Business Award - The Workplace and People Development Award

Among 150,000 companies from 33 countries, our company has become the European winner of the prestigious Business Competition in the category “Workplace & People Development.” Over the years we at Mikro+Polo have proven with innovative and courageous approaches to our employees that the work environment can be pleasant and relaxed, and that these are factors that have a positive impact on the business performance of the company. A European award is a confirmation that they have also recognized our good practice at the EU level.
Previously, we also became the national winner in this category.

Age-Friendly Company

For the first time, the awards were presented as part of the ASI project - seniors, still committed over the years, as special awards for the best ASI projects. Our company won in the category of medium-sized companies.

Podravska Company Award chosen by the readers of Večer

Readers also vote in the selection of the best Podravje companies and employees, organized by the newspaper Večer. They chose our company as the best for 2016.

Podravska Company Award in the category Best Employer

As part of the selection of the best companies and the best employers in the Podravje region, organized by the Večer newspaper, we received the title of “The best employer of the Podravje region” for 2019 after being selected by an expert commission.


TRACE association brings together companies that achieve a high culture and business ethics in their operations.

Socially Responsible Employer

The umbrella accession certificate Socially Responsible Employer is based on the guidelines of the international standard for social responsibility ISO 26000, the purpose and goal of which is to improve socially responsible management in organizations and companies in Slovenia in relation to employees.

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