Did you know?

  • More than 30 product specialists provide expert support to our customers.

  • We have a customer database with more than 10,000 contacts that constitute an important part of our business communication.

  • We ensure an amazing delivery time for over 200,000 chemicals, which are delivered to our warehouse in the same day.

  • We ship 33,000 packages annually. If they were stacked one on another, we would get a 9,000 m high tower, which would exceed the height of Mount Everest.

  • Annually we pick up goods in the Sigma-Aldrich central warehouse in Schnelldorf, Germany, 250 times. We drive 385,000 km, which is equivalent to the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

  • There were almost 500,000 human samples processed in diagnostics test of the BioMérieux Company annually, which is equivalent to the number of visitors of the Postojna Cave during the whole year.

  • Annually, we sold 18,000 of microbiological culture media. A Boeing 747 would use the same amount of fuel to fly from Ljubljana to Stockholm.

  • Our dyeing machines produce 54 % of the total number of 800,000 HE preparations annually. It means that our Leica ST5020 dyeing machines in average establish 108,000 diagnoses per year.

  • We moved the borders – our own catalogue first issued in 1996 is now interactive. You can use the QR codes to instantly check the current status in our warehouse.

  • We have reduced the order processing time by 5 times and saved 2,700 hours, which is 1 % of the time spent by an average person at their workplace.

  • We dispatch more than 40,000 packages in total weight of 205 tonnes per year.

  • When despatching, we use 47.5 km of adhesive tape annually, which would be enough to tape the Ljubljana ring road 1.5-times.

  • The Pan-Slovenian historical environment campaign »Cleaning laboratories« prove that we care for the environment. Over the past three years, we have already collected 16 tonnes of waste chemicals.

  • Annually, we equip almost 8,000 m² of laboratories at home and abroad, which exceeds the football area of the Camp Nou Stadium of Barcelona.

  • Annually we equip laboratories with worktops in length of 1,300 m. A garden snail would need 3 days to make this distance.

  • We furnished technological equipment and modern laboratory furniture to one of the state-of-the-art educational and research institutions in the field of medicine in Europe, the Faculty of Medicine in Maribor.

  • We follow the green philosophy – we are approaching the ideal future of a paperless office.

  • In order to preserve forests, we print on environment-friendly paper.

  • Annually, we spent more hours for installation and repairs than an average woman would spend in dressing, makeup and shower in her lifetime.

  • We have our own calibration laboratory, which is certified by the Slovenian Accreditation. As the first company in Slovenia, we are also accredited for calibrations with simulation of chemical variables.

  • We have recorded 250,000 visits of our website annually, which is almost as much as the population of Iceland.

  • You can find us on social media Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • Annually, Slovenian primary school students were provided free of charge with 21,000 pieces of the periodic system of elements, which is the number of children born in Slovenia during the entire year.

  • We participate in humanitarian projects and help children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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