Mascot Miško Polo

In order to make our company even more visible, we have designed a cute mascot called »Miško Polo«. The mascot symbolises a laboratory mouse, which represents the energy, love and passion for a laboratory environment.

The mascot was designed by Aleksander Andželović, a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, and brought to life in the Tim-Art Company. The mascot's name was chosen through a contest carried out at our Facebook page. Out of more than 50 proposals, we chose the name »Miško Polo« that links the mascot with the name of our Company.

A mascot is an efficient, and above all, a nice and unobtrusive promotion method; it contributes to visibility of the Company, while making marketing campaigns easier, more fun and more successful. Its aim is to take care of promoting chemistry as a fun science, especially in child and youth population, i.e. in social networks, our website and at various events dedicated to professional and general public. With the mascot, young people have got something to help them to make friends with chemistry, which is not particularly close to most of young people involved in education, and is mostly handled with resistance.

Why a laboratory mouse? Laboratory mice are most frequently used animals in specialised laboratory research activities. While some may find this practice cruel and contrary to social standards, it is necessary to know that such research activities are crucial for progress in science, especially in medicine. In Slovenia, such kind of research is carried out in accordance with national and European legislation, which protects experimental animals with a number of provisions and prescribes the conditions under which animal experiments can be carried out.

The mascot conceptual design on paper ...

... which was then brought to life, to our great pleasure.

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