Why purchasing Online

Would you like to simplify your operations, reduce the time from an inquiry to an offer, while even making savings? How to set up an effective procurement system and better performance as a result? How to optimise inventories in a better way? How to get information about where and at what stage is your order, at any time?

E-commerce through online Market application, the main aim of which is to improve business processes, allows you all of those.

E-commerce opens up opportunities for innovation in procurement processes and the ways of doing business with partners. It means exchanging information to automate processes, reducing the number of errors, and increasing orderliness in operations.


In all your online purchases and in the whole range of products, we guarantee 3 % discount compared to traditional orders. In the online Market application, we respond to your inquiry immediately or within 30 minutes, the latest, which brings you significant time savings.

No initial investment.

Without startup costs, no additional technology and software, and no investment in education and training of employees. Your company gets involved in e-commerce at relatively low cost, i.e. exclusively by establishing an Internet connection.

At your request, we carry out pairing of our and your information systems (ERP), providing you with additional time savings.

Access from anywhere and a full mobility.

Shopping and other online Market application services are available anywhere or almost at any device – personal computers, tablets, smart phones and through a web browser.


All transactions and documents (submitted orders, goods supplied, orders archive, etc.) are saved in your user account, depending on the stage of your order. Consequently, you have access to information about your online purchases, at any time.

Attractive user experience.

An online purchase is simple and transparent.


We provide allocation of different user rights concerning the organisation of procurement, including confirmation of purchases.

Technical support.

We provide the users with short response-time support services and effective troubleshooting.

Less paper, lower costs. Savings can be substantial. By introducing paperless operations, we wish our business partners to have an opportunity to achieve primarily a higher efficiency and operating cost optimisation, and a better control of documents.

Contact us, and we will be pleased to answer all your questions, and also present the application in person. Please, contact Ms Breda Majcen, who is in charge of the online Market application, at the e-mail address: breda.majcen@mikro-polo.si or through the phone No. +386 (0)2 614 33 25.

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In the online application, we present nearly 500,000 products. Ordering products for your laboratory has never been so quick and easy.
Moreover: we provide 3% discount on all online purchases!
We are pleased to help you and answer all your questions. Please, contact us through e-mail address: podpora@mikro-polo.si.