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Why service?

Quality support and post-sales activities for the duration of the entire lifespan of apparatuses contributes to greater customer satisfaction as service support is very important and comparable in terms of value to any product.

Our principle is to provide support and carry out post-sales activities to the best of our abilities and thus satisfy you, the end user of our products. We are aware, of course, that there is an extended post-sales period when we are required to take care of the apparatuses in use.

Our team

Servicing needs to be carried out quickly and efficiently, since this post-sale activity is an added value, which supplements the product and distinguishes it from any substitutes. This is why the service activities of Mikro+Polo are well-organised, and the service staff team is composed of individuals with extensive knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, electro-technology, electronics, and computer science, with years of experience in the field of technical support for medical, laboratory, diagnostic, and measurement equipment.


Service activities

  • Installations (installing and dismantling apparatuses and equipment).
  • Regular and extraordinary equipment maintenance.
  • Setting parameters and modifications.
  • Dismantling discarded apparatuses and equipment.
  • Equipment functioning demonstrations (at your choice).
  • Service equipment made by other manufacturers, which has not been purchased from us.


Service packages

  • Regular microscope servicing. Cleaning optical parts and mechanical settings.
  • Regular pipette servicing. Replacing worn-out parts. During repair, we provide a replacement pipette.
  • Regular pipette servicing with calibration. Replacing worn-out parts, including final calibration and report. Optional replacement pipette available during repair.
  • Regular refrigerator servicing with calibration. Inspection and calibration.
  • Centrifuge validation. Inspection, and running test with validating the number of revolutions.


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