Social responsibility

Special acknowledgment from the Family-Friendly Company scheme!


As the first generation company, we received a special acknowledgement at the Family-Friendly Company (DPP) certificate awarding ceremony. We are proud!

The NGO – Ekvilib inštitut that carries out DPP procedures and holds the right to award certificates wrote upon completing the assessment the following:
"They carried out certain activities even before starting the procedure of obtaining the certificate, and after acquiring it, they systemised and formalised this area. They were among the first companies certified, which was no coincidence, since their relations with employees have stood at a high level. The company seeks to achieve a high level of employee satisfaction also by introducing the DPP project. In order to provide well-being in their employees, they have introduced quite some of ,unusual‘ ideas, such as dog visits to the premises (they were gladly welcomed by employees as members of the team). There are interesting initiatives, such as an unlimited number of paid leave days based on the absolute trust in employees; 1-hour break (of which a half is paid and employees can use it at their choice, in a block or in several parts); free breakfast is available and taken by all employees every morning, ... All of these efforts are reflected in the corporate climate, which stands at extremely high level. The Director is full of ideas, being always one step ahead. He fully supports the DPP project; actually it was his idea that the company should obtain a DPP certificate. He is very supportive of all ideas and activities leading to employee well-being and satisfaction and, consequently, also to better business results."


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