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We have become the Podravje Company of the year 2016!


Thanks to all the readers of the Slovenian newspaper Večer that recognized our good work! It is a great motivation and challenge for the future!

The summary of an article from the newspaper Večer:

At the company Mikro+Polo, which received an award for the most popular company in Podravje, a lot of emphasis is put on the well-being of their employees.

The company Mikro+Polo is one of the Slovenian companies that are lately more exposed to media. Besides successful operation of the company the reasons for the media visibility are the relationship to the employees and the many benefits the employees receive for their work. Mikro+Polo stands out with a unique policy towards the employees at least as much as with the fact that it is the largest supplier for laboratories in Slovenia. The employees receive free breakfast and hot lunch, extra 30 minutes for a coffee break and a rest during the working time that is flexible and the employees can adjust it according to their personal needs. If necessary, they can work from home or bring their children and even dogs to work. Their unlimited number of paid holiday days is an attention-grabbing fact. The employee turnover is therefore low, there is a lower number of sick leave, the productivity and loyalty to the company is greater and Mikro+Polo is one of the most desirable employers in Slovenia.

The human face of the company is the 44-year-old director Marko Podgornik, co-owner of the family company, who explains this, for Slovenia unusual, policy towards the employees as following: "People work more efficiently if they arrive to work with pleasure. And if my employees are satisfied, the clients are satisfied as well." And they have a lot of clients; Mikro+Polo has more than 4000 buyers and 300 suppliers, their production line includes half a million products. While the commercial part of the company operates with stability, they achieve greater results in the field of laboratory furniture production. The company invested half a million euro in the new production line this year and employed three people. A call for three employees is currently in process. With its own brand Lab Interior they made a profit of two million euros this year and sold 80 percent to Western Europe, especially to Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Norway, and through them they equip oil platforms and oil tankers in Singapore.

Even though they deal with a niche industry, they take care of the communication with the public. Their Facebook profile receives excellent ratings. Their website follows the current trends and as many as 420 thousand products can be bought in their online application. Marko Podgornik says that they are going to carry on with the company's politics, since such conditions are great for generating new ideas of the employees without the need of financial stimulation.



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