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#ChemistryRules prize contest – we have a winner!


The best video is … CHEMISTRY IS LOVE!

Congratulations to the young chemists of 8th grade of St. Tomaž Primary School for their win!

Our expert jury carefully reviewed all the submitted videos of chemistry experiments and scored them. After adding the points received from a Facebook vote, they announced the winners in the following order:
1st prize - »Chemistry is love«, 8th grade of St. Tomaž Primary School
2nd prize - »Chemistry is not witchery«, 9th A grade of Ormož Primary School
3rd prize - »Chemical gift«, 9th B grade of Mozirje Primary School

The winning grade earned a one-day-trip to Terme Olimia and their school will receive a monocular microscope with a camera. The second and third placed grades will receive promotional T-shirts and their schools will receive school laboratory material. All participating schools will receive a package of microscope slides.

Explanations given by the expert jury

Chemistry is love  (St. Tomaž Primary School) – 1st place
An excellent video clip that clearly shows the link between life and chemistry. The experiment is clearly shown and explained, both with written text and with audio recording. All necessary information about the process, reagents and protection is given. The result itself is not only clearly visible but also well explained. The experiment includes elements of saturated solutions, the stability of individual compounds, crystallisation, colouring of an element during combustion, reduction, and, last but not least, the effect of the density of substances on their distribution inside the measuring cylinder, which is very well illuminated with colouring. In short, there is a lot of chemistry in a short but content-rich video.

Chemistry is not witchery  (Ormož Primary School) – 2nd place
Properties of neutral, basic and acidic compounds are demonstrated in a very original way with colouring. The video is clear and demonstrates classical chemical reactions in an understandable way. A great deal of emphasis is placed on safety, which is of the utmost importance for the implementation of procedures. Great praise goes to all the actors, especially the witch, who clearly does not know anything about chemistry. Thank goodness for the scientists, who know that chemistry is not witchery. Compliments also go to the direction and clear dialogues.

Chemical gift  (Mozirje Primary School) – 3rd place
The experiment is shown in a clear way, and the procedures are perfectly displayed and described. Dialogues are summarized in a different way, which gives the video clip a different element and are something special. Our only comment is that you could include a simple equation to show what is going on in the process of "silver plating" and "gold plating" that makes chemistry become "magic".

All the submitted experiments can be seen on our Facebook page in YouTube channel.

Sincere congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the participants.

Chemistry rules!

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