Social responsibility

International practice


This summer, we host the international practitioner for the first time. From Vicenza, Italy, a student Giulia came to work in our company for a month and a half. She gathers practical experience in our logistics, as she has completed additional specialization from export and import in addition to marketing.

And what did Giulia say?

My experience in Mikro+Polo

The first day that MIKRO+POLO company has been presented to me, I thought: ''I can't believe, it can't be true''; I had no words, it seemed like a dream. I felt incredibly happy and lucky when I started working and was realizing that it wasn't only a dream but the reality. 

A reality where the colleagues are really kind, nice and helpful; where they made me feel at ease every day although the communication was in a foreign language for both of the parts. Actually, they taught me how to use their SAP program in Slovenian language, lots of Slovenian words and import-export knowledge. It is a company where you work peacefully; it offers lots of aids and initiatives not only for the employees but also for the less fortunate people. 

What could I say more? An immense ''THANK YOU, MIKRO+POLO'' for this amazing and unforgettable experience, not only professional but of life, too.

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