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Start: up Muesli - How to Choose and Train a Winning Team


The job candidate has to be well tested before employment.

With his rich experience, our director Marko Podgornik, took part in the meeting Start: upMaribor, where knowledge and experience are gathered and exchanged with Maribor startups.

»If we are looking for sales technicians to work in the field, we give them a task. With only one title we tell them what to prepare, and then we give them about two weeks. When they come back, they have to prepare a presentation in front of a mixed team,«  Marko answers the question about how our staff is chosen. In the above-mentioned way, the company immediately sees how someone behaves in front of an unknown audience and how they get around.

The fact that a company keeps its key employees is essential for the stability of the business. »The top personnel should be given a special place. It is important that their work is seen, praised, because giving positive feedback is always welcomed. The pay for work done is stimulating, you have the chance of promotion, and the possibility to communicate with the company’s management to present them your projects,« says Maruška Vihar, director of the HR and personnel development department. 

At this point Marko added: »The most important thing is that every individual is heard and that her or his wishes are taken into account. So there is no fear that employees cannot suggest ideas. They can always suggest and express themselves, as we always listen to them.« Among other things, he listed some of the benefits that the company offers to employees: children and pets are welcomed at work, an unlimited number of days of paid leave, free breakfast and lunch for all employees.

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