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Slovenia’s Economy Open Days


This year, for the first time, we have joined the project of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Open Days. There we introduce several professions, carried out by employees in our country, to elementary schools students and their parents. Thus, we presented our company to 3 children and their parents, while our colleagues described their work in production preparation work (profile: carpenter, assembler, sales representative, graphic designer, and international logistics). After the presentation, we also prepared a tour around our production and demo laboratory. Here, in the end, we were surprised by a mouse, which was so cold that it could not even escape as fast as you would expect. And none of the present squeakily escaped before her.

The visitors were very pleased with what they had seen and heard (they all came from the region Štajerska). Unfortunately, 8 children (with their parents) of 11, who were registered, could not attend the presentation. We want to find a way to ensure more seriousness in the application and participation in the future. It is a pity that companies prepare and perform such activities, and those who show interest in such contents do not attend an event, for which they applied for.

But as one of the mothers said: For this reason, your company dedicated more attention to those who came. And those who come are always the right ones. It was a pleasure!


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