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Mikro+Polo - Age Friendly Company


We are not only young (even at heart), but also friendly to the older employees!

We participated in the Zlata nit 2018. competition. Among medium-sized companies, we ranked above the average of 30 companies that participated in the campaign (of course, only companies that believe they are good employers, apply). Unfortunately, this year it was not enough for the finals.

Within the competition "Zlata nit", in cooperation with the Public Scholarship, Development, Disability, and Maintenance Fund, a campaign for the recognition of the good practice of companies participating in the ASI project, seniors, still engaged despite their age, took place. We also presented our practice at the competition "Zlata nit" among other golden practices. And MIKRO + POLO (with 10 other companies) won the Prize AGE-FRIENDLY COMPANY. 

At the evening gala, the organizers, daily paper Dnevnik and Mediana with partners, awarded the “Zlata nit” price to the best employers, and also special awards for the best ASI projects. Once again our director Marko stood surprised, proud and happy on the stage and received a SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGMENT THE AGE-FRIENDLY COMPANY from the Minister of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities,  mag.Ksenija Klampfer.

MIKRO + POLO won in the category of medium-sized companies. 



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