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We were awarded the creditworthiness rating excellence



The Swedish company BISNODE specialises in producing high-quality business, credit and market information that helps companies make wise decisions. It employs 2400 employees and operates in 19 European countries, and through their strategic partner Dun & Bradstreet they deliver local and global quality data to companies, government agencies, organizations and municipalities.

What is the creditworthiness rating excellence?

Creditworthiness rating excellence is a rating given by credit rating companies which assess the company’s credit rating over a longer period of time on the basis of various criteria - among other, the rating is based on the company’s solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and other risk criteria for doing business with the company.
Companies that are awarded creditworthiness rating excellence are perceived as the most reliable, creditworthy and low-risk business entities that collaborate with all kinds of business partners: suppliers, buyers, insurance companies, banks and other.

Creditworthiness rating excellence is based on financial statements and other dynamic company indicators, and predicts safe and successful business operations that are better than average in the next twelve months. Companies with creditworthiness rating excellence achieve above-average business results and meet the strict criteria for reduced probability of experiencing negative events in the next twelve months:
  • bankruptcy, compulsory composition or liquidation (< 0.08% probability),
  • deletion from the business register (< 0.81% probability),
  • blocking of transaction account for more than 60 days continuously or over 90 days non-continuously (< 0.41% probability).
There is a 91% probability that business entities with the AAA creditworthiness rating excellence will maintain this rating also in the next year.


The methodology for assessing creditworthiness is based on statistical models that forecast the probability of bankruptcy, deletion and blocking in the next twelve months of the entity's business operations.

Statistical models were based on the financial indicators of entity operations (indebtedness, liquidity, performance and efficiency) in the last three years and negative events (bankruptcy, deletion, blocking) in the selected period.

In order to achieve a more adequate comparison of the values obtained between the entities, the financial indicators were normalised based on the size of assets or total revenues.
The results of statistical analyses have shown that entities with a relatively lower share of debt in financing are less likely to face bankruptcy, deletion or long-term blocking of transaction accounts in the next 12 months.

Purpose of the certificate

The awarded certificate will strengthen the company’s reputation among its existing clients and partners, as well as among those in the wider business public. It can be used as an additional reference in trade fairs, invitations to tender and for finding new business partners.

Creditworthiness rating excellence is thus a testament to the company’s achievements and serves as assurance for clients and business partners of the company’s credibility and reliability.

Creditworthiness rating excellence is awarded only to the best companies that meet the highest standards of business ethics and have proven themselves over a longer period of time as reliable partners regarding solvency, supply reliability, and the quality of their services and products. 23.2% of the companies in the market are awarded great creditworthiness rating which means this company is at the top of the best legal entities in Slovenia (only 1.5% of all companies in Slovenia achieve creditworthiness rating excellence).

Creditworthiness rating excellence certificate is well-established internationally and is therefore especially suited for companies which are already doing business with foreign companies or plan to do so in the future. Creditworthiness rating excellence is a reference for the company’s financial operation enabling faster and easier business decision-making with a lower risk.

Certification is a well-established practice in the international context used by companies to strengthen their reputation and trust in their domestic and foreign business environment. Holders of a certificate gain additional trust of their business partners.

We were happy to inform our business partners about this achievement. We sent out a friendly e-mail to tell our customers more about it and have also awarded them with an additional 10% discount on their entire purchase. 

We were able to get the highest rating for the first time since being known as MIKRO+POLO. I am very proud of this recognition. It is the result of hard work by each and every one of us, and proves that the interests of a company come before the interests of individuals. I am also proud of all of you. As you know - we can only do it together.

If you are good, you are good …


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