Social responsibility

At Micro + Polo, we also signed the Diversity Charter


Diversity in society, by consistently demonstrating the principles of equality and inclusion of all members, has always been a source of progress and development. Inclusive diversity management is rewarded with a better work atmosphere and better business results.

A society with enough sense of diversity, in which we are aware of interdependence and complementarity, and take responsibility for our effects, is successful and lasting.

The same applies to businesses and organizations. At Micro + Polo, we respect differences of all kinds; which is also in the brochure about our culture, "Our Chemistry." In 2019, we received the European Business Award for the development of our work environment and employees. We are the proud owners of the certificates Family-Friendly Company and LGBT Friendly Company. With the Diversity Charter, we have upgraded both by committing ourselves to the following principles:

  1. We develop an organizational culture based on an equal opportunity, mutual respect, acceptance, and involvement of diverse employees. 
  2. We create a diverse and inclusive work environment.
  3. We respect and spread the principles of diversity at all levels of the organization: commitment and responsibility, communication (inside and out), being a role model/example.
  4. We recognize the diversity of customers.
  5. We formulate a diversity policy.
  6. We spread and communicate our commitment to the Charter and the results of diversity policy to all our stakeholders.


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