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The Golden AAA Credit Rating


Our company, according to the internationally recognized criteria of the business analytical house Bisnode achieves a high Golden AAA Credit Rating once more.

We meet all the criteria for 2020 and are among the most reliable Slovenian business entities that are entitled to use the Golden AAA Status as a symbol of credit rating excellence. 

With our way of doing business, and by our example, we enrich the Slovenian business environment!

What is the creditworthiness rating excellence?

Creditworthiness rating excellence is a rating given by credit rating companies which assess the company’s credit rating over a longer period of time on the basis of various criteria - among other, the rating is based on the company’s solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and other risk criteria for doing business with the company. Companies that are awarded creditworthiness rating excellence are perceived as the most reliable, creditworthy and low-risk business entities that collaborate with all kinds of business partners: suppliers, buyers, insurance companies, banks and other.

Creditworthiness rating excellence is based on financial statements and other dynamic company indicators, and predicts safe and successful business operations that are better than average in the next twelve months. Companies with creditworthiness rating excellence achieve above-average business results and meet the strict criteria for reduced probability of experiencing negative events in the next twelve months:
  • bankruptcy, compulsory composition or liquidation (< 0.08% probability),
  • deletion from the business register (< 0.81% probability),
  • blocking of transaction account for more than 60 days continuously or over 90 days non-continuously (< 0.41% probability).
There is a 91% probability that business entities with the AAA creditworthiness rating excellence will maintain this rating also in the next year.

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