Social responsibility

First, we conquered Europe, now Podravje!


Last year, Mikro+Polo won the complimentary European Business Award – The Workplace and People Development Award. This year we added the title of the Best Employer of the Podravje region, selected by the expert commission of the newspaper Večer. Awards are recognitions given by the environment and the public to companies whose good practices can serve as an example to others. Of course, we are very happy and proud of the prizes, but we are even more proud that we have been able to build a culture of mutual respect, support, and care for employees in the company. In our work, we follow a quote from Richard Branson: "If the company takes good care of its employees, they will take excellent care of their customers."

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Mistakes are the privilege of the active, we wrote in Our Chemistry, a brochure on company culture. Of course, we also miss sometimes – but we try to be better every day, we try to end misunderstandings, and listen to the initiatives proposed by our employees. Without them, we would not exist! And our efforts are reflected below the line in the traffic we generate.

We are proud to be connected by micropolotine - our hormone of cooperation, teamwork, solidarity, and commitment.

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