Social responsibility

Our book corner "Knjigobežnica – Mikro bukvišče"


There are quite a few passionate readers at Mikro+Polo and we also wanted a “small library” in our company. Now we can be proud of our book corner, which we named Mikro+Polo bukvišče (bukvíšče -a s (í) obsolete. library).

It is a station where employees can exchange their books and thus spread knowledge. Of course, we do not leave things to chance, so we also have a librarian, Maja, who will make sure that the books are properly stored. She will tug at anyone’s sleeve who takes too much time for a book.

What are book corners "knjigobežnice" anyway? "Knjigobežnice" is a book exchange group that operates with more than 4,000 members on Facebook and was formed on the initiative of Mrs. Nina Kožar. The idea itself comes from the American initiative Little Free Library.

We believe that from now on, no one will have a problem not having something good to read on vacation or over the weekend. In doing so, we do not forget the words of the famous writer J. K. Rowling: "I believe in the magic that can happen when we read a good book."

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