Social responsibility

We take care of our men


How do we at Mikro+Polo take care of men so that they can balance work and care for their loved ones?

The harmonization of professional and private obligations is regulated by law. In many organizations, it is part of the organizational culture, but it often happens that this area and the care responsibilities of men remain overlooked. To help raise awareness and spread such action in practice, we at Mikro+Polo have joined the international Men in Care project, which takes place in seven European countries, and we share our experience and good practice.

The company hosted two researchers from the Peace Institute Ljubljana, which is one of the Slovenian partners in the project, Dr. Živa Humer and Dr. Majda Hrženjak, who conduct interviews with our employees and management.

We will be happy to examine good practices in other companies and introduce them to our company – and we hope that our experience will benefit others as well.



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