Social responsibility

We have become a socially responsible employer


At the beginning of November 2021, Ekvilib Institute delighted us with the news that we have become the recipients of the umbrella accession certificate Socially Responsible Employer. For us, this is a confirmation of our good work in all four areas of social responsibility:
  • organizational management or integrated addressing of social responsibility, which includes the management part with strategy, reporting, management commitment, etc., involvement in the community, environment and general part of employee management,
  • reconciling work, family, and private life (this is the Certificate Family Friendly Enterprise which we have had for 13 years),
  • intergenerational cooperation, and
  • safety and health at work, which we have significantly upgraded this year with the POLET and Strong and Healthy projects.

We had to introduce 12 mandatory basic measures for the accession certificate and create a plan to introduce a further 40, as we decided to obtain the Advanced 2 certificate next year. Our goal is to become the first Slovenian company with the Socially Responsible Employer Advanced 3 certificate, which is the highest level of certification.

The certificate is a commitment to an even more systematic approach in the field of social responsibility and a regular and external audit review of our measures.

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