Social responsibility

The Manager's Association of Slovenia Has Presented Us with the Vključi.Vse Award


At the event organized by the Manager's Association of Slovenia in Portorož, the following delightful note was read during the awards ceremony: A balanced management structure, an environment in which diversity is encouraged and lived, and equal inclusion of all 150 employees are the reasons why this years "Vključi.Vse" award goes to: MIKRO+POLO.

We are a close-knit team, we create with passion, all of us together and our goal is clear. We work smart and efficiently, but also know how to have proper fun, relax and celebrate the successes we reap.

A sincere thank you for the award. In the words of our director, Marko Podgornik Verdev: "There are 1,200 managers in the association, and together we manage approximately 150,000 employees. If we translate this into the modern language of social networks, we are influencers with 150,000 followers. Let's set an example."

Photo: Andraž Kobe, Anže Krže

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