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Our New Brand of Chemicals Is Born!


Alas, we have it, our own brand of chemicals


At Mikro+Polo, we are not only extensively qualified, we are also exquisitely different. We have been present on the chemical market for more than 30 years. Precisely due to the long-lasting experience and rich knowledge of our professional team, it is time that we try our hand at manufacturing our own line of chemicals.

The range of chemicals includes seven of the most frequently used chemicals in laboratories, the container of which, like us, is exquisitely different. Pregl's chemicals are wrapped in elegant black, which embodies quality and meets user expectations. All chemicals can be delivered within 24 hours.

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You can order the PREGL CHEMICALS items in our MARKET online store or contact our customer support at our free telephone number 080 61 40 or by e-mail:


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In the online application, we present nearly 500,000 products. Ordering products for your laboratory has never been so quick and easy.
Moreover: we provide 3% discount on all online purchases!
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