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E- contracts

Electronic ordering of contract products will save your time during ordering process, and ensure a paperless ordering system and complete data records on previous purchases.

We enable you to order products that are subjects of public procurement, annual tenders, special cooperation contracts, or products at special prices we have negotiated.

At your request, we transfer the entire list of agreed products with contractual prices into the online application, including your own internal codes or product catalogue numbers, which allows easier tracing when ordering products from the contract(s).



Špajza …
… Is a simple consignment warehouse containing the products, without which you cannot imagine your work. The product range is unlimited.

Automatically on stock

By including the service called »Špajza«, you will have products automatically on stock. You will only receive an invoice when they are used, thereby allowing you to get rid of stock financing.

The product range is unlimited ...

… And entirely at your choice. You can also add the products with a limited shelf life, of course, as »Špajza« will warn you of a forthcoming expiry of the shelf–life date. During the year, the list may be supplemented and amended, depending on your needs and desires.

Get rid of stock financing

You will receive an invoice whenever the product is consumed. Consequently, the agreed payment period only starts when you take a product out from your »Špajza«.

The invoiced amount will be lower
Estimated annual consumption of each product allows us to agree on a better price with the producer and, consequently, we charge less for each product from „Špajza“. At this point already, we guarantee that you will save at least 3 %.

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Direct system connectivity

Within e-commerce, we offer you even more efficient data transfer, namely through a direct connection between your and our information system (ERP / Enterprise Resource Planning), which you use in your operations.

We tailor solutions to your requirements and ordering processes.

Through direct system connectivity or pairing, we provide:

  • Relevant data transfer between different operating systems,
  • More automated operation of the supply chain,
  • Bridging the gap between different information systems, data formats, and communication protocols,
  • Data conversion into your data format,
  • Further use of catalogue numbers or material identity codes.


Shipment tracking – TRACKING Free online service to track your shipments 24/7!
Our online tracking is the fastest and easiest way to get information on where exactly your shipment is.

On the online Market application home page or our website look for the icon of a truck, whereby a new text box will pop up to enter the text. Simply enter the document reference number (confirmation of an order, document or your purchase order) in the box, and click »Track« button.

The system will display the entire sequence of events, associated with your order. Thus, you will instantly get all the information you need about your shipment.


Loyalty Club

Every purchase matters!

We know that your work is stressful. Reduce the stress by using e-commerce, and smarten up your work environment.

We are constantly upgrading our gift programme, providing you with a wide range of products that you can use daily at your workplace or in your leisure time.

For every Euro spent in a purchase through the online application, you get 1 gift token (business customers) or 2 gift tokens (physical customers). When you collect enough tokens for the gift you have selected, you can easily cash the tokens and receive a free product from the gift programme range.

Would you like to order products online?

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In the online application, we present nearly 500,000 products. Ordering products for your laboratory has never been so quick and easy.
Moreover: we provide 3% discount on all online purchases!
We are pleased to help you and answer all your questions. Please, contact us through e-mail address: podpora@mikro-polo.si.