Social responsibility

We have been paying significant attention to socially responsible activity since Mikro+Polo Company was established. Our business policy is based on sustainable development and operations; both in relation to our customers, business partners and employees, and to the environment, in which we work. We are aware of our moral obligations to work well, to generate added value for the society, and to improve the quality of life.

The way to develop our company

We believe that social responsibility is the only right way to develop the company, because through greater satisfaction of our employees, it provides us with competitive advantage, consolidates our business contacts, brings new opportunities, and strengthens good relations with the community.

Management's commitment to quality

The company's management is committed to the development and implementation of the quality management system and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. The conditions for successful and efficient operation are provided by the development of employees, adequate equipment of workplaces, control over the way of work and continuous improvement of quality, also based on feedback from the market. This is also part of social responsibility.

Our commitments

  • continuous improvement of quality management systems, environmental management and safety and health at work and compliance with all legal requirements in this regard,
  • protecting the environment, especially by preventing pollution,
  • ensuring safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent injuries at work and professional diseases and elimination and reduction of risks related to management of the environmental management and safety and health at work,
  • dedication and involvement of employees in the preparation and implementation of measures in the field of management of the environmental management and safety and health at work.

Support the community

In "Our Chemistry" our Code of Conduct, we wrote that we are focused on what we do. We can’t do everything at once; we can’t fight all the battles at the same time. It is the same in the field of social responsibility. Even if we want to, we cannot respond to all the requests we receive. Therefore, we decided to help socially disadvantaged families and children in our local environment through cooperation with the UP-ornik association and the Peaceful Sea Institute. Besides this, we support activities that promote natural sciences, especially chemistry, among young people.

Consequently, social responsibility has become our Company’s way of life and operations and we include it in our business strategy every day again.

Because we care.


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