Social responsibility

Miško Polo with wind in its hair


The Slovenian institution ZAVOD MIRNO MORJE is involved in the most successful social – pedagogical and peace-making project in Europe called MIRNO MORE – flota mira (TRANQUIL SEA – the Fleet of Peace). The MIRNO MORE fleet comprises of more than 118 sailboats, which are available to more than 1000 children and adolescents (with special needs, from disadvantaged backgrounds, child- and youth homes, and institutions for children with physical and mental disorders) and their companions from all over Europe. This year, the project Flota mira involved as many as 18 European countries. 

Miško Polo has joined the 8-member crew of children from the Duplek elementary school and the elementary school of Marija Vera of Kamnik, and between 17 and 24 September 2016, they sailed the Croatian Adriatic Sea.

Mišek Polo is proud to have been involved in the project that helps children to become more open, to learn tolerance, acquire social skills, and develop the trust in their fellow man.




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