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HR&M Conference


The theme of this year's HR&M Conference was The Power of Leadership and Responsibility of an Individual. It is a central Slovenian event that highlights the intertwining and active collaboration of company managements and personnel experts for the development of the organisation and its employees. Our director, Marko Podgornik, also participated in the panel discussion at the conference as a guest, "proving that things can be done differently".

The keynote speaker Victor Lenart, the President of the GROW Organisation Development Group and a Krauthammer Partner for the South and Central Europe from Hungary, pointed out: "I strongly believe in the power of the human factor in business. The effectiveness of the strategy implementation mainly ranges between 40 to 60 percent. The roots of the ineffectiveness arise mainly from human planning, management skills, from inefficient use of existing tools and processes, and from the bad management of interpersonal relationships.”

Considering the development of (positive) energy of organisations we still have a lot of reserves in Slovenia. Some ideas of how to improve it were also submitted by our director.

Photo: Katja Kodba (KoKa Press).



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