Social responsibility

Check out this year's masterpieces of young artists


The Award Winning Humanitarian Competition »Children for Children« in 2018 is completed. We received 15 masterpieces from small artists. Through their perceptions of science and creativity, they presented our mascot Mouse Polo as a traveler through time. All young authors will receive beautiful, practical prizes. Their artworks (in alphabetical order) can be viewed below. Thank you all for your participation and excellent work!

We also added a humanitarian note to the competition and supported the project »Peaceful Sea«. Thus, primary school Duplek received a € 500 donation, which will help students from endangered environments to attend a week-long sailing journey.

Alexa, 9 years

Ana, 6 years

Benjamin, 3 years

Jernej, 11 years

Julija, 9 years

Katja, 7 years

Lea, 10 years

Lenart, 2 years

Luka, 7 years

Maja, 5 years

Matic, 10 years

Nejc, 7 years

Pia, 10 years

Samo, 4 years

Sara, 7 years

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