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Mikro+Polo in rainbow colors


We will certify as an LGBT-friendly company

Mikro+Polo is different. We are always daring, always proactive, always a herald of change and always in the first row. To this end, we are the second company from Styria that decided to obtain the LGBT-certificate (or any sexual orientation, identity, and expression friendly company) awarded by The City Municipality of Ljubljana (perhaps this is the reason for lack of interest in the eastern side of Trojane?).

Today, more than a fifth of employees, including almost all leaders and managers, attended training on the subject about what it means to have such a certificate, and what the procedure is. We can safely say that we surprised the trainers, as we did not have any problems with any of the potentially problematic or discriminatory situations, which we discussed at the end.  

It seems that we had already accepted the tolerance towards diversity, or as our director said at the workshop: »We already employ people who are open to diversity.«

An important statement from the workshop: “When a minority gets more rights, we do not have fewer ones because of this. We all have more rights.” Or if we borrow a quote from the Ljubljana Mayor from the new editorial in our Mikrofon: »I am sure that you will agree that everyone has the right to be different. This difference makes us unique, the ability to work and create together while respecting diversity enriches us and gives us new experience. It's also why working at MIKRO+POLO is the most beautiful in the world!«


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