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We Have a Winner!


The #KemijaJeZakon competition is finished! We received a record 20 videos of chemical experiments, and our expert commission had a hard time working to find the best. The Commission counted the likes and selected the best three experiments.

And the winner is ... DINOSAUR! 🏆 Congratulations to the pupils of the 9th grade of the elementary school OŠ heroja Janeza Hribarja Stari trg pri Ložu for an excellent chemical experiment. They earned a one-day excursion to Terme Olimia, and the school receives a monocular microscope Conatex.
Explanation of the Commission: "Both experiments are shown in a very innovative way, and they perfectly intertwine in a love story. For this reason, there is no doubt that the originality of the video has reached the most points. And here the innovation does not end, as it delivers all necessary data, theory, and procedure, which are also done well. All this required a good script and direction. Special praise is also concerned with the used protection. And last but not least, the love of chemistry itself. You did a great job."

In the second place came the pupils of the 8th grade of the Elementary School OŠ Ormož with their chemical experiment DRY ICE. The prize is promotional t-shirts for the whole class, for which they competed, and the school got school laboratory material worth € 100.
Explanation of the Commission: "Their score was very close to the winning score. It was a great script and direction, which easily involved a large number of participants. Therefore, special praise goes to teamwork. The theory is not only well written, but it was also well interpreted and clearly understood. A small imperfection was in the last experiment, where it was not stated that the cloth was dipped into detergent. We can learn a lot from this video."

The third place with the video SMALL DETECTIVES was taken by pupils of the 8th grade of the elementary school OŠ Raka, who also received promotional t-shirts for the whole class for which they competed and the school got school laboratory material worth € 50.
Explanation of the Commission: "All praise in choosing a topic that is rarely presented in such a simple and understandable way. The experiment is intertwined with a very interesting story, which explicitly gives all the necessary information. All praise for the script, and congratulation to the team for an excellent completed task. You really made an effort."

All schools that participated in the competition receive a 10% discount for a one-time purchase through the Online Shop Market.

Congratulations to the prize-winners, to all the pupils, their mentors and the schools that participated in this year's competition.

You can watch all the experiments HERE.

Chemistry really rocks!

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