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Mikro+Polo Winner of a Prestigious European Competition!


Out of 150,000 companies from 33 countries, our company was selected as the winner of the prestigious European Business Awards in the "The Workplace and People Development" category. The winners were announced on December 4, 2019, at an exclusive awards ceremony in Warsaw.

More than 500 business leaders, politicians, ambassadors and academics attended the two-day culmination of this Europe's most esteemed business competition.

The Executive Director of European Business Awards Adrian Tripp stated that by winning this prestigious award, Mikro+Polo has achieved the gold standard of business excellence, since »the company is a brilliant example of how to successfully tackle the challenges of a highly competitive global business environment, thereby achieving phenomenal success and positively contributing to the world we live in."

By adopting innovative and courageous approaches to our relationships with employees in the past, Mikro+Polo has shown that a work environment can be pleasant and relaxed, and that these are the factors that positively affect the company’s business performance.

Our employees are allowed to bring their pets to work, they can make use of unlimited paid leave, are served breakfast in the morning and can spend work breaks in cosy communal lounges or by taking a walk. »It is priceless seeing the satisfied smiling faces of our employees, so devoted to the company. They are the main contributors to our success story, as we take the best care of our employees throughout Europe,« said the Director-General Marko Podgornik, who is introducing new practices for improved well-being in the workplace by following the practices of other European countries. »Therefore, we are extremely proud that the practices introduced at our company are being recognized as the best on a European scale and that we have secured Slovenia this most prestigious business award.«

The main aim of the European Business Awards is to encourage the development of a stronger and more successful business community across Europe. This year the competition has been held for the 12th consecutive year.





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