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We Support the Creativity and Proactivity of Young People


We cooperate with the Proelium Sports Academy

This year we have teamed up with the Proelium Academy, where 40 promising athletes from various sports from our region are proactively and practically preparing for life in top-level sports. Most of them can already pride themselves on national titles in their category, some of them also with European Titles and success in international competition. The age of athletes is between 11 and 18 years.

Raising funds is also part of top-level sport. That is why the academy launched the project “My first business / my first sponsor” – a competition in preparing the best offer to potential sponsors.

The project involves companies that allow promising athletes, talents, young hopefuls to win their first sponsorship. In recent weeks, we have been able to see quite a few young people around our company taking photos and filming. They researched the data on Mikro+Polo and did many other things to impress us.

Read the interview of our director for Proelium Academy here.

In December, our expert commission will evaluate the work of young people and reward the best. You can see their “products” on Instagram and Facebook. Search for posts tagged with #proeliumacademy #proelium #mikropolo #mojprviposel #mojprvisponzor 





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