Social responsibility

We Have Signed the Diversity Charter


We joined the Diversity Charter a year ago. Today we performed the last symbolic act. We also signed it in physical form, just before the annual “Diversity against Pandemic” event, which of course took place on-line this year, and we were unable to perform the signing ceremony “live.”

With an opening speech, we were first greeted by Mr. Peter Svetina, Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia, and then some powerful women shared their views and thoughts at the round table with us:
  • mag. Sonja Šmuc, general manager, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia,
  • Saša Mrak Hendrickson, MBA, IZOR - Institute for Organizational Solutions, Washington D.C, ambassador of DC Slovenia,
  • Marzena Strzelczak, CEO & President of Responsible Business Forum, Diversity Charter Poland, 
  • Liza Shybanova, BU HR Country Director, Coca-Cola HBC Poland, 
  • Gabriella Wiiala, Business director, Spoon, President at Diversity Charter Sweden,
  • Katarina Matson, Head of Culture & Diversity at Volvo Cars, Sweden,
  • Sarah Preuschoff, The Vienna Chamber of Commerce, Diversity Charter Austria.

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