Social responsibility

UNICEF rag dolls spread love


Renowned artists have joined forces again and created a special unique collection of UNICEF rag dolls. They poured the unique essence of themselves, the love of creation, childhood memories, social responsibility, sustainable development, and all their heart into the dolls.

Each rag girl or boy symbolizes a child from a developing country.

The UNICEF project raises funds for the vaccination of children against six infectious childhood diseases in developing countries. The cost of vaccinating one child averages 20 €.

Each adopted doll from a special collection made by famous creators saves five children (in exchange for a donation of 100 €) and provides:
  • Vaccination against six childhood infectious diseases (diphtheria, measles, pertussis, polio, tuberculosis, and tetanus).
  • Purchase, transport, and storage of vaccines.
  • Organization of vaccination campaigns in developing countries.
  • Training of frontline healthcare workers.

Our company also joined the campaign with the sponsorship purchase of five dolls, which we are exhibiting in our new dining room. Altogether, we saved 25 children’s lives.

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